Waed: human rights violations in Ramla prison hospital

11 يوليو/تموز 2012 الساعة . 01:13 م   بتوقيت القدس

Waed Society for Captives and ex-captives warned of the seriousness of the sick Palestinian prisoners' disastrous situation in occupation prisons, and in Ramle prison hospital in particular.

Waed considered, in a press release on Wednesday, the so-called Ramla prison hospital as an isolation section in which Palestinian prisoners are subjected to humiliation, torture and slow murder away from human rights organizations and the International Committee of the Red Cross supervision.

There are 16 Palestinian prisoners in need of medical care  at Ramla prison hospital. Some of them need urgent surgery due to their serious health conditions. They are given sedatives instead, Waed said.

Any Palestinian prisoner who entered Ramla prison hospital either died or left permanently disabled because of neglect, Waed reported, recalling the two prisoners Zouhair Labada and Zakaria Issa who died in that hospital where they suffered a lot from medical negligence, in addition to the prisoner Mohammed Abdul Aziz Abu Labda who was released from prison after 12 years in a wheelchair.

The society urged the World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders team to vist the prison hospital to check on the health condition of the Palestinian prisoners who suffer from a systematic medical negligence designed to kill them.